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Here at Nemesis Goalkeeping, we believe that the modern day goalkeeper is not just your typical shot stopper. We preach the values of being good with your feet, aggressive off your line on crosses and through balls, and a commanding leader in the back. Many goalkeeping programs focus just on the technical aspect of goalkeeping, but here at Nemesis Goalkeeping we take these various aspects and explain how they are utilized in game situations. The game is becoming increasingly difficult for goalkeepers, so we feel it is crucial to coach more than just shot stoppers. Our knowledgable staff will also help goalkeepers with the mental side of the game, as we know how difficult the pressure of the position can be on young goalkeepers. We will communicate effective techniques to handle slumps, bad games or injuries! We are more than just shot stoppers, we are modern day goalkeepers!




★★★★★ - "Having played alongside Darrin for a large portion of my soccer career, I have witnessed his admirable commitment to self-improvement. Just training with him made me a better goalkeeper. I have also seen firsthand his ability to nurture young goalies into competitive athletes with scholarship aspirations. His dedication to the sport and goalkeeping position inspires anyone who steps onto the field with him."- Jamie Brackpool (Waterloo, Canada)


★★★★★ -  "I’ve had Nate as a coach for 5 years, and year after year Nate as managed to teach me more about not only how to be a better goalie but also a better team player than any other coach in 14 years. The coaching approach Nate takes is one of the best for a young player, he makes sure you understand what you’re doing wrong and why you should work on it without forcing you to change your approach to the ball completely. Nate is overall one of the best coaches in the central Iowa area " - Leann Grandia (Central College Dutch GK)


★★★★★ - " Darrin is a top notch trainer! He started working with our son Owen 5 years ago and he has been a constant mentor in Owen's life ever since. Owen learned so much from Darrin and Darrin was always willing to go above and beyond to make sessions work for them. His dedication and commitment goes beyond just his training ability, he is genuinely interested in how Owen is doing and where he is at in soccer. Owen wouldn't be where he is today without the encouragement from Darrin. Sign up your keepers today, you will not be disappointed!" - Bobbi Smith (Waterloo, Canada)

★★★★★ -  "Nemesis Goalkeeping has helped me in my off season training it was a key part in my mental game but also my physical game that prepared me for the collegiate level. College coaches look at how a player prepares for a season and by training with Nemesis Goalkeeping I can tell that it made an impact on my playing ability. Nemesis Goalkeeping is also great to work with outside of your regular season or even supplementing your season to help you maintain a top performance. They did a wonderful job of walking me through the collegiate recruitment process and landed me at the program of my choice. Going into it, I had no idea how to start promoting myself to colleges. Nemesis Goalkeeping took me by the hand and walked me through the creation of a player profile, highlight tape and answered all of my communication questions!" - Kasey Baker (Coe College GK)

★★★★★ -  "My son Kyler started training with Darrin before Nemesis Goalkeeping was started. It was great best training he had ever had. Then Nemesis Goalkeeping started. With the help of Nate Tiry-Ortiz and the rest of the staff I believe that it is the best training for the money in this area. It is family run. The trainers are professional and connect well with the kids. I truly think this group of trainers are going to change the way goalkeeping for youth soccer is done in this area." - Kyle Clark (Ames, Iowa)

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